Pin Finder - Peakpulse™ 2.0 Golf Range Finder

Golf Peak Pulse Range Finder

Pin Finder - Peakpulse™ 2.0 Golf Range Finder

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Hit Every Ball With Complete Confidence With The Peakpulse™ 2.0 Range Finder

With the laser-sharp accuracy of the Peakpulse™ 2.0 Range Finder, you’ll hit more greens per round than ever before because you’ll never have to worry about guessing the distance to the flag.

✓ Calculates the precise distance with slope compensation technology
✓ “Vibrates” when the target is locked in
✓ Accurate to +/- 1 yard from over 200 Yards away
✓ Shows all the data at-a-glance on our redesigned Digital Dashboard
✓ Compact, lightweight and portable for your convenience

Never Second-Guess Your Distance To The Flag With This Incredibly Precise Range Finder

Ever wonder how golfers are so accurate about the distance they need to hit or how they select the proper club for each shot to cover the required distance?

It doesn’t have to do with their skill or experience.

The secret is in a binocular-like device that you might have seen people use on the golf course.

This device, called a range-finder, accurately measures the distance you need to hit for every stroke.

The Peakpulse™ 2.0 Range Finder takes this accuracy to a brand new level.

Its Pin Finder Technology is accurate to +/- 1 yard from over 200 Yards away!

That’s why we recommend that you use this rangefinder on every single shot.

Even from the tee and when you are approaching the green.

That way, you won’t just hit every stroke with total confidence - you’ll also hit more greens than ever before.

  • Designed To Get The Ball Closer To The Hole And Lower Your Scores

  • If you’re sick and tired of playing the guessing game, you’re not alone. The PeakPulse 2.0 Rangefinder was built so you never have to second-guess the distance to the hole. Pin Finder Technology is accurate to +/- 1 yard from over 200 yards away. So you can hit every ball with precision and lower your scores.

  • “Vibrates” When The Target Is Locked In

  • With the PeakPulse 2.0 Rangefinder, you’ll never have to worry about inaccurate measurements. The Flag Acquisition with Pulse Vibration Technology makes it a piece of cake to lock on to the flag - even for those with shaky hands. It delivers a short vibrating “burst” confirming the correct distance to the pin - and gives you the confidence to fire away!

  • Enjoy Laser-Sharp Accuracy With Slope Compensation Technology

  • Uphill or Downhill Par 3? Elevated Tee Deck? You have to consider how slopes affect your distance if you don’t want to be caught off-guard. Our Slope Compensation Technology adjusts the effective distances for elevation changes. That means no matter the hole, you're getting the most accurate data to keep your scores low!

  • Ultra-Compact, Super Lightweight And Portable

  • The ultra-compact design of the Peakpulse 2.0 makes it super easy for you to carry your range-finder around. Plus, the foolproof no-slip grip increases steadiness in your hand and reduces vibrations for a steady viewing experience.

  • Easily Read Data With The New Digital Dashboard

  • Looking through the Peakpulse 2.0 is easier now, with the all-new, redesigned Digital Dashboard! Now, you can get all the data you need about your targets, flagpole, range, etc. at a glance.

  • Digital Dashboard: Looking through the Peakpulse 2.0 is easier now, with the all-new, redesigned Digital Dashboard! 


    PinSeeker with Pulse technology
    Accurate to 1 yard
    Fast focus system
    Ergonomic design with Comfort Grip

    Peakpulse™ package is:


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Does it come with a battery?

    Absolutely! When you order the Peakpulse™ 2.0 Range Finder, you’ll also get 2 AAA alkaline batteries.

    Q: Is this rangefinder water-resistent?

    A: Yes! The Peakpulse™ 2.0 Range Finder was designed to be water-resistant so you don't have to worry about a little rain or water damaging your product.

    Q: What exactly do I get with the Peakpulse™ 2.0 Range Finder?

    A: Here’s exactly what you get when you order:

    • 1 range finder
    • 1 box
    • 1 carry case
    • 1 lanyard
    • 1 lens cloth
    • 2 alkaline batteries AAA
    • 1 instruction book

    Q: Can this rangefinder measure distance to other things than just flags? I.e. trees, hazards, carts, other golfers?

    A: Absolutely!

    Yes it can pick up any target including trees, bunkers, hazards, carts etc.

    You name it.

    As long as the object is in your line of sight…

    You can generate a distance.

    Q: How does the money back guarantee work?

    A: We’re so confident that you’ll love the PeakPulse 2.0 Rangefinder that we’re offering you a 30-day money back guarantee.

    If for any reason you don’t absolutely love this cutting-edge technology...

    Just send it back to us and we’ll refund you every single penny you paid.

    No hard feelings.

    No questions asked.

    Your only decision right now is to try this rangefinder out and see for yourself how awesome they are.

    You can always send it back if you feel it doesn’t suit your personal needs.

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