The Chipping Net™ - Popup Golf Net for Practice

The Chipping Net™ - Popup Golf Net for Practice

The Chipping Net™ - Popup Golf Net for Practice

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Sharpen your skills with The Chipping Net™ the ultimate folding golf chipping net! It will enhance your accuracy within just few weeks of practice! After the quarantine is over your bodies will be surprised of how perfect your chipping became #practicemakesperfect. The Chipping Net™ has an easy pop-up style with simple storage instruction for ideal indoor or outdoor use.

Take advantage of our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and get out of the bunker and back on the green with The Chipping Net™, Your New Chipping Assistant!

With The Chipping Net™ improve your accuracy for the ultimate challenge. Ready to go: Nylon carrying bag included for easy portability from home to office to tailgate! Golf Anywhere, it can fit right in the corner of your office (Great gift for a golfing boss)


  • Reinforced Support: Body and Frame reinforced support improve structural integrity
  • High Visibility: High Visibility target to allow evening practice!
  • Designed for All Skill Levels: Will Improve the Short Game of everyone who uses it
  • All-Weather Use: Don't get snowed in! Practice your short game anywhere, no matter the weather outside!
  • Easy Setup: Takes less than a minute!

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